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Textbooks and guidebooks on the subject of trauma, authored by Palo Alto University and Risk and Resilience Lab faculty, are available at the links below.

by Lisa M. Brown, Kathryn A. Frahm, Kathryn Hyer, and Maggie Gibson

The Psychological First Aid Field Operations Guide for Nursing Homes was developed for nursing home staff to use with residents. The guide reflects a multidisciplinary approach to care. The 2nd edition provides expanded content in the areas of how, when, and where the intervention should be applied. It also includes new sections on palliative care and end of life issues; behavioral interventions for people with dementia; and use of Psychological First Aid to help older adults deal with significant life changes, events, or losses.

Download the Free Guide (PDF)

Edited by Brice Bongar, Lisa M. Brown, Larry E. Beutler, James N. Breckenridge, and Philip G. Zimbardo

The past decade has seen a dramatic transformation in the nature and uses of terrorism. The psychological science needed to provide proper and effective treatment for victims of horrendous acts of terrorism is in its infancy. Hence, military, medical, and psychological experts must work together to improve the understanding of mass casualty terrorism.

In Psychology of Terrorism, leading national and international experts present the first results of this effort, including the newest findings on treatment of and clinical responses to terrorism along with their respective underlying theories. They address the history of terrorism; types and effects of weapons of mass destruction or disruption; the role of the military, government agencies, and volunteer groups in responding to terrorist threats; psychological consequences of terrorism; and treatment of special populations such as children and older adults. This is an excellent text for both academic and professional courses as well as a comprehensive resource for mental health clinicians and researchers, medical care providers, educators, public health specialists, government employees, police and fire departments, and non-profit agencies that provide services and craft policy.

Available from Oxford University Press

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