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The Risk and Resilience Research Lab is active in:


  • Investigating the determinants of resilience and risk in response to life stressors and traumatic events.


  • Addressing the mental health needs of underserved populations--refugees, veterans, older adults, nursing home residents, indigenous people, ethnic minorities, homeless individuals--with evidence-based interventions and treatments.

  • Collaborating internationally with partners in New Zealand, South Korea, Jamaica, Central African Republic, Ghana, United Kingdom, Israel, and the Palestinian Authority.


  • Developing and implementing programs for people who have experienced disaster, terrorism, torture, suicide, armed conflict, relocation, violence, and other traumatic events.


  • Applying social marketing, community participatory research, and secondary data analysis, as strategies to facilitate engagement in healthcare and social services.


  • Refining and evaluating public health initiatives and interventions to enhance resilience and recovery from traumatic events.

The Risk and Resilience Research Lab is located at Palo Alto University in Palo Alto, California.

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