Our Mission


The mission of the Risk and Resiilence Research Lab at Palo Alto University is to reach those who have experienced trauma with evidence-based strategies to improve resilience, mental health  and well-being in the face of life stressors and traumatic events.
We do this by:


  • Addressing  the mental health needs of underserved populations--refugees, homeless, older adults, nursing home residents, ethnic minorities--with evidence-based interventions and treatments.


  • Developing and implementing programs for people who have experienced disaster, terrorism, suicide, relocation, violence, and other traumatic events.

  • Investigating the determinants of resilience and risk in response to life stressors and traumatic events.


  • Using social marketing and community participatory research strategies to facilitate engagement in healthcare and social services.


  • Refining and evaluating public health initiatives and interventions to enhance disaster planning, response, and recovery.

Recent Risk and Resilience Research Lab studies have examined behavioral health and disasters, late-life suicide, homelessness, mental health assessment and intervention, palliative care, and end-of-life issues.

Meet the Risk and Resilience Lab team:
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Recent Events


RRRL Director Dr. Lisa Brown recently returned from the International Federation on Ageing (IFA) 13th Global Conference on Ageing, which took place in Brisbane, Australia, June 21-23. The conference brought together decision makers, practitioners, researchers, service providers, and community members to share experiences supporting ageing populations worldwide.


The central theme of the Conference was natural and human-induced disasters and health emergencies in an ageing world, in addition to other age-related issues. The program explored approaches to risk reduction, readiness, resilience, response and recovery with the goal of understanding how to establish and design more age-friendly, disaster-prepared communities.  Learn more about this important work on the IFA website.

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