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Font: Open Sans


The font used in this site is Open Sans, which is the same font used in the Palo Alto University website. The text "Themes" in Wix have all been edited using Open Sans as the default font.

Always use a preset theme when  formatting text.


Refer to an existing page or to the  Sample Page Layouts to make sure that your headings, subheads and body text are in the correct style. Or, better yet, when you need a new page, copy an existing page and replace the content with your new content.

Here is what each of the font themes in the site looks like:

The first three are not used in the site.

Site Title

  • Site Title is used in the header as the site title. (Surprise, surprise!)

Page Title

  • Page Title is not used in the site.

Huge Heading

  • Huge Heading is not used in the site.


Large Heading

  • Large Heading is used for the top heading on all pages

Basic Heading
  •   Basic Heading is used for the subheads on all pages and lists

Small Heading
  •   Small Heading is used as a sub-sub heading (below a Basic Heading)

  • Small Heading is also used for the introductory paragraph at the top of a page, when there is one.

Paragraph 1

  • Paragraph 1 is used for subtitles in lists

  • The only custom style in the site are subtitles in some lists, which are Paragraph 1 Italicized.


Paragraph 2

  • Paragraph 2 is used for all body text in the site.

Paragraph 3

  • Paragraph 3 is used in captions, citations, etc.



The color palette in the site has been customized using colors from the Palo Alto University website:

  • Navy: #00385b (RGB 0/56/91)

  • Green: #babd9c (RGB 186/189/156)

  • Green-Gray: #f1f2eb (RGB 241/242/235)

  • Yellow: f9e51f (RGB 249/229/31

The image on the right shows where these colors fall in the Color Picker. Wix automatically created lighter and darker variations on these colors.

In the page design of this site, you can see where lighter or darker variations of some colors have been used.

Additional colors are also included in the palette. Please do not use them. A very important aspect of institutional identity is consistency in the use of colors and other design elements. Discipline in the use of visual design elements is a hallmark of professionalism!

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