Students Attend and Present at APA 2016 Convention

October 23, 2016


PAU students affiliated with the Risk and Resilience lab presented at poster sessions and symposiums at the 2016 APA Annual Convention held on August 4-7, 2016 in Denver, Colorado. 





Legacy if Trauma and Second Generation Armenia Survivors of Ottoman Turkish Genocide. In A. Kalayjian (Chair), Transforming Genocidal Trauma into Meaning Making and Forgiveness-Cases from Armenia, Rwanda, and Burundi.

by Froming, W. J., Kalayjian, A., Selverian, K., Manoogian, J., & Hosseini, C. R.



Legacy if Trauma and Second Generation Armenia Survivors of Ottoman Turkish Genocide. In A. Kalayjian (Chair), International Humanitarian Aid and Social Justice: Challenges and Lessons Learned.

by Norsworthy, K. L., Kalayjian, A., Thoburn, J. W., Selverian, K., Manoogian, J., & Hosseini, C. R.




[Poster Presentation]


Relationships between Risk-Taking Behavior, Emotion Regulation, and Distress Tolerance in Veterans with Comorbid Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Alcohol Use Disorder.

by Dack, J., Pennington, D.L., Wong, T., Bielenberg, J., Hoyman, L., Tomlinson, E., Lasher, B.A., Yohannes, S., McDonald, J., Kinzler, A., and Batki, S.L.



Level of Confidence in Hurricane Preparedness among the Homeless Population with Different Levels of Physical and Mental Health.

by Hosseini, C. R.Dack, J., Ialynytchev, A., & Brown, L. M.



Prevalence and Correlates of Adult ADHD Symptomology in Active Duty Service Members.

by Kok, B.C.Reed, D.E., Wickham, R.E., & Brown, L.M.​



A Latent Class Analysis of Suicidal Cognitions and Behaviors Among Active Duty Service Members.

by Reed, D.E.Kim, M.Kok, B.C., Wickham, R.E., & Brown, L.M.



Post-traumatic stress disorder among North Korean defectors in South Korea: Comorbidity and risk factors.

by Kim, M., Sun, K. F., & Brown, L. M.


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